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Meet the Founder

Living Water Ministries exists to fulfill the revelation received by Pastor Bibhusit. To go among the unreached people groups of Odessa and India by winning souls, baptizing them, casting out demons, healing the sick and establishing churches. He is nurturing them by feeding them the word of God and by meeting the basic needs of under privileged children and families and serving the community through various social activities. He is also actively taking part among the young setting them free from their lives of drugs, alcohol, and adultery through the love of Christ.

Life Changing

While he was completing his studies, Pastors Bibhusit bad habits were growing more worldly in Nature. His parents were very worried, although they didn’t usually pray or attend church, they started calling  sprit filled Pastors three times a week to their home .This went on for two years .One of his uncles came to the home and spoke to him about the difference between worldly and Godly people . He advised Pastor Bibhusit to attend church in order to better  understand the bible and have a closer walk with Christ .Since that day, he prayed at least for 2 minutes and read his bible for 10 minutes and started attending the local Pentecostal church every Sunday. One day as Pastor Bibhusit was laying on his bed, the Lord appeared to him in his  dream and spoke ; My son , why are you grieving me by defiling your body and spirit? I have chosen you and I want to use you for a great task. From this day, you will never be the same.He Woke up suddenly and called his mother to ask if someone came to the house dressed in white. His mother replied, the door was closed and no one came in, He then shared his dream with his mother who understood it was the Lord Jesus Christ. Since this experience, tears come to his eyes and he confessed all of his sins and asked for forgiveness. He felt a heavy weight lifted from his body and felt peace in his mind and spirit



In 1988, Pastor Bibhusit was baptized in the name of Jesus and started to walk with Jesus, Since that time he no longer liked worldly friendships,alcohol,tobacco chewing or smoking cigaretees.Before he decide to enroll in Bible College to fulfill the dream God gave him, Pastor Bibhusit  regularly attended Sunday services for one year.

Obedience to Dream  

In the year 2000 he decided to go Bible College to be trained for his task. He attained a Diploma (two years) and B.th (three years). During his studies God gave him a call for his work through (mark16:15). He received Gods call in his life and prepared himself by fully surrendering to him.
In the last year of his studies he was inspired by one scripture of the Bible (Romans-15:20), and decided to go where the gospel has not reached. After finishing his studies, he found Odessa a place where thousands of people in tribal areas who haven't heard the good news of Jesus Christ. The Odesha   area is mostly jungle with hills and a water reservoir. You need to travel 1 1/2 hours by boat, walk 10kms in the jungle and 5 kms uphill to reach the tribal people.

Pastor Bibhusit started his ministry in the Koraput area. One day while walking through the jungle, he came upon an unclean naked young man with long hair. When the young man saw Pastor Bibhusit he screamed man of God, why have you come here to get me in trouble? At that moment, the spirit of God spoke to the pastor and told him to go and set that young man free in his name. Hearing the spirit of God, he approached the young man and casted out 5 demons and the man lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness, he asked how he got there and what happened to him. The pastor gave God the glory and thanked him for his goodness. The pastor took the man to a nearby tribe and asked for help. Pastor Bibhusit came to know the Youngman and learned he has been separated from his parents for the last seven years. His parents took him to all their gods, socery practitioners, and offered many sacrifices, but nothing worked. At that time, Pastor Bibhusit preached about Jesus, the name above all names, saying Jesus, whom he serves, is aliving God who delivered this man, only Jesus is the savior of all mankind, repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus. That day 36 people received Jesus Christ and repented of their sins. Pastor Bibhusit now enters tribal areas with a miracle and started his church service with 37 people. Later, the young man who was free from demon possession became the first missionary with Pastor Bibhusit.

 In 2006, Pastor Bibhusit married Anupama, a God fearing prayer warrior and they now have a beautiful son names Aaron.Pastor Bibhusit and Sister Anupama Korkora persevered through ridicule, persecution, and even death threats. With no church or agency to financially sponsor them, they face constant poverty and hardship .They walk about in torn clothes and have been chased and pushed out by people for being missionaries. They continue to persist because God has called them to do his work


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