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Living water ministries operates on the principles of spiritual multiplication.  Teaching  the  word  of  God with  simplicity  and  understanding  is  the  aim  of  pastor  Bibhusit  Korkora.  He  believes he  bible  is  the written  and  inspired  word  of  God.  His  mission  is  to  plant  churches  where  there  are  no  churches, also 
requires  missionary  to  plant  a  church  when  a  mature  body  of  believers  is  established.  Then  they  must train  a  few  members  of  that  church  for  church  planting  work.



Village  meetings  are  basically  three  days  of  evangelistic  meetings  held  in  an  unreached  village.  Each evening,  a  culturally  relevant  gospel  message  is  presented  through  devotional  songs,  then  preaching.

 A  crowd  of  200-400  people  usually  attend  the  evening  meeting.  The  day  time  is  used  to  conduct  in- depth  Bible  classes  for  active  seekers.  If  a  Gospel  film  is  available,  it  is  shown  at  night.



 Living  water  ministries  work  among  the  orphans  and  poor  children  of  tribal  areas.  Providing  them food,  clothing,  and  study  material,  and  sharing  the  love  of  Jesus  Christ.

Youth: Thousands of youths are aimlessly destroying their lives.  Some  with  addictions  to  drugs,  alcohol or  adultery,  others  have  no  jobs,  therefore,  they  indulge  in  criminal  activity  such  as  theft,  moist (terrorist  group),  and  contract  killers.  Pastor  Bibhusit  conducts  youth  camp  and  programs  to  help  the youth  and  to  share  the  love  of  God  and  bring  them  to  a  new  life  with   Jesus  Christ


There are thosands of youth are aimlessly destroying their life.among them many are using addiction such as drugs,alcohol,adultary and spoiling their lifes.and some because of they do not have jobs,so they are indulging with criminal activities such as thief,moist,contract killer.so pastor Bibhusit is conducting youth camp and programmes for the youth those are going towards destruction and sharing the love of God to bring them into new life in jesus.
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